America...the land of hodgepodge.

What a hodgepodge America is. People you can trust. Folks you can't. And others, sometimes. We have people who won't eat meat, others who insist on using horses for transportation, others who won't serve in the army while yet others see the church as a refuge from which to attack. Some Americans would attack anyone who stepped on it's flag while others organize in the heart of the country to over-throw the government. And there are folks who want to "disable" their minds with marijuana and drugs.

Some Americans are "snotty" and "snooty" while others serve mankind with a stubborn, loving heart...and they can both live in the same block. Some support the right to choose an abortion, others defend the right of citizens to own fully automatic weapons, others support the concept of prisons as the answer to all crime, others isolate themselves from the folks that are not like themselves. It's a hodgepodge of ideals, interests and personalities. It's America.

A dangerous place? Some times....some places....partially because of the governing folks. Danger exists because the law doesn't work sometimes. Danger exists because folks don't teach their kids how to act. At school, like in our government, there is an occasional aloofness between the teacher and student. And there is danger when we see children or adults "hurting" and no one helps solve the problem until it becomes dangerous to others.

A diverse society? Yes. And there are weaknesses that come with diversity....we are not easily united in reaching a national goal. We are seldom supportive of the differences of our neighbors. We resent those who prevent us from reaching our personal goals. Given the opportunity, we love to punish others...often through court proceedings. Too often a word from our early heritage, entrepreneur, has become a dangerous stepping stone to personal gain....leaving death, physical injury or financial loss of the consumer in it's path. Statistics have become the tool of the large private or government entity to justify harm done to the Heartland folks. Diversity too frequently does not recognize universal only sees laws, exemptions and liability.

Yes. we are diverse. And out of the diversity comes a freedom to move, to seek self-fulfillment, to reach the heights of one's own human potential. It's a dream come true for many folks. For others, they fail to accept their responsibility as a participant in this society...a society that relies on it's members to protect and even improve itself.

And like so many cultures noted in history, our greatest danger will likely come from within. The very diversity and freedom to grow may become the tool with which we finish-off this great society. Maybe we need membership cards for participants in "The Land of The Free".....for surely we now know some folks can't accept responsibility as a participant. And, surprise, we see that some of those folks aren't poor....some of those folks are the corporate leaders and government politicians.

And so we end our dissertation of Hodgepodge with an offer. For $12.95 (plus shipping and handling), you'll get your "Land of the Free" membership card. Get one now before the government finds out about it and sees another way to bolster the budget. Get your card early before a resourceful entrepreneur ties it into your health care plan. Get your card and stand proud, be responsible and fly the flag. It's America. It's a hodgepodge....and that's what freedom is all about!


WOW! That's too much "reality" for me. Take me home...please!