The Lincoln Trail

Springfield, Illinois
United States of America

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The Lincoln Trail winds through country roads from Springfield, Illinois to New Salem, Illinois.
Along it's path is a country stretch known as Bradfordton.

It doesn't show on most maps.
But, along The Lincoln Trail where it travels through the Bradfordton area
is my home.

Welcome to my home page.

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Our Schools Be a player in God's plan... Family Videos "Inky"...the cat. What if?

The dangers of golf If
you do...


Steer me clear, Lord. The Ocean speaks. Can you Listen?
Camp Lazarus Heartland Photos from the late 90s. What makes me tick?
It's a new day
The little lady from Roby

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Walk quietly, please! Please Don't Sit.
We need more fools! The Code
of The

Confronted with A Dead�Sparrow.

Thoughts from my neighbor, The Ol' Sage

Stay away from Mirrors? Spring time A look into
your future.

A broken
God's work
Click these words to learn more about how The Sage was born. �And, while you're there, you'll see a few of The Sage's holiday and seasonal messages.

I believe in The United States of America.

Our Flag... The Dream... Dust
Who are we?
The wrong folks are in jail!

Personal problem solving...

Ruts along life's road. The Cleaners A few of life's rules.
What counts? Reach

The Lincoln's ChalleNGe Academy

The Lincoln's Challenge Academy is an Illinois National Guard Program.�
It offers a new beginning and a second chance for success. �

I have seen this program save a few lives. �

Click these words and you'll be sitting in the midst of a mentor's learning experience.

Or, click the photos of the cadets I have known to see their story. Most of my thoughts were written during 2010, By now, their lives have changed but the course of their lives was set.

� �

Click these words and you'll go to my cadet speech.

Click the below bar to read a portion of the letters I wrote to cadets.